Photograph of hall of mirrors with multiple reflections of movie images of Albert Einstein on hanging screens: entrance to Einstein exhibition at Historisches Museum, Bern, 2006.

What I do


Consultancy and support for organisations in the cultural and destination sector, including museums and galleries, heritage attractions, and tourist destinations:

  • Business planning, operational and financial modelling
  • Market appraisal
  • Strategic and policy advice
  • Manage or write grant applications.

IT and Software

Specialised software including:

  • Custom financial and operational models
  • Tools for scenario modelling, troubleshooting and spreadsheet auditing in Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Office solutions including templates, automation and databases.


  • Custom Word and Excel training and support
  • Excel masterclasses.

What I offer

  • 13 years' consultancy for museums and galleries, heritage and tourist attractions, performing arts venues and mixed use developments with cultural content
  • A holistic, imaginative approach drawing on my experience of destinations, politics, economics, the media, branding, engineering and more—and of living and working on four continents
  • 25 years' experience with Microsoft Word and Excel
  • Long experience of working in multidisciplinary teams and across organisational boundaries.
Photograph of Karl Popper with the words "All life is problem solving" - the title of one of his books.