Portrait of John Nurick.

About Me

From 1998 to 2011 I worked for Locum Consulting, the company that developed the concept of destination consulting, and its predecessor L&R Consulting.

Most of my early life was in East Africa apart from school in England. After that I worked on gold and diamond mines in South Africa. At 21 in Tanzania I built a cross-country vehicle from Volkswagen parts and drove it through the game parks to northern Kenya where I worked on rural water supply projects.

Later, in Australia, I explored the country by working in the motor trade and a geological survey team before going to university; in the vacations I worked for a farmer, carting grain or fertiliser in a 30-tonne truck.

After that, I worked in the media, politics, and think tanks in Australia, the US, Canada and England before joining L&R Consulting.

For leisure, over the years, I've (among other things) sailed dinghies and keelboats; collected books and cameras; officialised at one-day and three-day equestrian events; learnt to use lathes and milling machines; helped backstage at amateur productions; built furniture; taken some quite good photographs; enjoyed a great deal of chamber music and jazz; and visited many museums famous and obscure.

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